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hittade detta som jag hade skrivit i somras i Engelskan. Tänkte att jag ville ha kvar detta, och den andra blogggen ryker snart. så här kommer det:

While reading The Last Song I feel that its storyline is well-reasoned. Firstly, there is nothing special about the characters; they are not living the “jet-set-life” or anything. They are just the ordinary girl and “the-boy-next-door”, which I believe is important, since you easily can understand the context while finding yourself similar to anyone of the characters. Even though, Ronnie, the main character, is a bit different from other girls, you can relate to her. She has a hard time- finding herself. However, going to a new side of the USA, meeting her dad for the first time in 3 years doesn’t make it less difficult.


As Will say, Ronnie is unlike from other girls, she does not find herself as the most beautiful girl on the planet, she does not where the bikini and she is carrying about the sea turtle nest. Furthermore, her mum and dad separated when she was 14, and that was hard for her. She loved playing the piano, since her dad was a teacher at Julliard he teaches her. Now, she does not play anymore, I’m wondering if that is because her parents split up? Maybe she felt that playing the piano was something she shared with her dad? Anyway, her dad seems to be sad for all the years he has not spend with Ronnie and her little brother, Jonah. How so ever, that is understandable. He also seems to have something on his mind, something that causes him sadness, some kind of burden. At least Ronnie and Jonah are helping him feeling better.


And the last few lines, ended with “There was something … gentle and forgiving in his embrace, something she’d missed for years. It was all she could do to stop the tears from coming before she pulled back. “How about I give you a hand with dinner?””, does that mean that she is loosen up a little bit? Maybe she is beginning to find herself. From where I stand, I feel that she is hiding herself- maybe as in self protection. She does not want to get hurt once again. The result which fallows is a Ronnie who pushes people away.


Will on the other side, seems to be a really nice bloke. He takes Ronnie with him to the aquarium. Howsoever, he has something more, he is a volunteer at the aquarium and he is a mechanic, and he is a good volleyball player. t also noticed that he thinks about his reputation much. Moreover, he likes the fact that Ronnie is unusual from other girls.


Blaze is strange though, in one way I pity her. She rather stays outside living on the street, and on other people’s money and by stealing, since she is hard up. She is also Marcus girlfriend who is hard as nails.


Trying to understand the significance of the title, my ideas that has come-up is maybe that someone’s going to die. Yet, if I compare it to all other book titles it sounds like one with a dark side and that something bad is going to happen. Guess I will find it out with time.



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